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"SEAN SPADA is the real deal, a hard-working, consummate-pro piano everyman...facing down life’s dead-ends and cul-de-sacs with steely resolve, fatalistic wit, and a clutch of jazz-laced seven- and nine-chords on his new album The Wild Ride…"

-Deli Magazine

Sean Spada's new album The Wild Ride is a melodic journey into the distracted mind, a collection of eccentric, piano-driven songs that examine life in an overwhelming, unreal reality.


Evoking idiosyncratic songwriters such as Todd Rundgren and Harry Nilsson, Sean's songs weave in and out of loungy grooves and off-kilter solos, incorporating Dr. John piano licks and story-telling lyrics inspired by Randy Newman.

Sean's keyboard playing has been featured on recordings by artists such as Fiona Silver, Strange Majik and goth-cabaret legend Aurelio Voltaire. Two of Sean's songs can be heard in the VR Experience “The Under Presents” from award-winning art & games studio Tender Claws.

“The Brooklyn piano man takes a deep dive into the darker corners of the mind exploring the psyche as he never quite has before.” -Full Time Aesthetic


sean hand on head edited copy.jpg

photo: Tasha Lutek

photo: Tim Race

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