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"Set Up to Self-Destruct" [music video]

music video for "Set Up to Self-Destruct" (2022)

directed by Nikki Belfiglio

"Taking It Slow" [music video]

music video for "Taking It Slow" (2020)

directed by Joe Wakeman

"Take A Step" (with Holly Overton) [music video]

music video for "Take A Step" (with Holly Overton) (2021)

directed by Paige Johnson-Brown

 Some Great Notion

Music video for "Some Great Notion" (2014)

A Vernal Circumstance

Short film by Joe Wakeman, staring Jamie Frey & Holly Overton; music by Sean Spada (2017)

The Sins of the Mad Lieutenant

Short film by Joe Wakeman, staring Sam Braverman, Gwynn Galitzer & Jesse Katz; music by Sean Spada (2017)

Cinestesia No. 2 (Analog Cinema)

Live music/cinema improvisation (6/20/2018)

Video: Analog Cinema (Erica Schreiner), Music: Sean Spada

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